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This content comes from the chapter on confronting your fears about money, which is the third step toward embracing your inner millionaire.

Create the foundation for your new money story by writing your money power statement. If you know you are ready to welcome 7-figures into your life, you need to say so in this statement!

This audio explains the money power statement in more detail. Take a listen:

Here are some quick guidelines for how your money power should be written:

  • 1. This statement should affirm who you are today and it should capture the direction you want your new story to take you.
  • 2. The statement should be positive, bold, inspiring and specific. It should be a beautiful description of who you know you have the potential to be. Again, if you know you have the potential to be a millionaire this year then say so in this statement!
  • 3. Most importantly you should start your statement with the words “I am.” Whenever you start with “I am” you are calling forward the God inside of you. That’s why whenever you use “I am,” be very careful about which words follow! Be sure to listen to the audio to learn more

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